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Undertake the future !
Welcome to Routaire !!
Founded in 2019, Routaire is a company with a social vocation
We connect and help people search the web, we help them live better lives too!

Routaire is the largest search engine in Guadeloupe and certainly in all of the Caribbean. Our mission is to connect people, services and businesses by creating simple and practical research and communication tools.
Create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce.
Routaire mission is simple: To fight against social, environmental, education, economic development and social inclusion problems.
Who are we ?
Brief overview:

We let you enjoy the look and feel of Routaire! From the search engine using the APIs of the most popular but also the most powerful search engine on the planet. This is a big compliment to the performance of the Routaire search engine.

What makes him the label of research!
Routine is the diversity of the search for images, videos, news but above all the specialist of the Web!
On Routaire you can find everything you are looking for news, documents from the oldest to the most recent but also all websites!
Routaire is undoubtedly the number 1 see the research specialist in Guadeloupe and most certainly in the Caribbean!
Routaire is n ° 1
Routine is the strength of research.

The Routine project originated in France (Île-de-France), the head office and the entire site is located in the French Antilles (Guadeloupe). Routaire.com is a French website with a global vision, according to its creator Eddy Charles COPOL.

Routaire is a corporate citizen !
Who is committed to reconciling his growth objective with his social responsibility and wishes to support humanitarian projects, associations, environmental projects, education and economic development.

Routaire is a search engine that does not record your searches, use your personal data for advertising purposes, or sell your information to advertisers. It has a very clean interface, it is monetized through advertisements, but none that targets advertisements based on your browsing behaviors.

Routaire respects the privacy of individuals, users and advertisers of Routaire have their superheroes to protect their privacy with the golden rule of research (confidentiality).
Link to the site Routaire.com
Any website or any other medium is authorized to set up a hypertext link pointing to this site. The authorization to set up a link is valid for any medium, with the exception of those disseminating information of a controversial, pornographic, xenophobic nature or which may, to a greater extent, undermine the sensitivity of the greatest number of people.